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Owner's Representative

Whether an owner is new to the design & construction process, concerned about the budget or schedule, or challenged with the complex process of managing multiple entities, the position of an owner’s representative plays a key role in the success of a project.  Hiring the Davis Tucker Group team affords an owner the flexibility and comfort to maintain their daily routine while the project runs from start to finish.  Our team will focus on managing the critical path, communication with resources, as well as monitoring the schedule & budget and identifying ways to minimize risk and maximize results.

Owner’s Rep Services 2024


  • Budget Review
  • Change Order Review & Approval
  • Contract Review
  • Contractor Selection
  • Constructability Review
  • Consulting
  • Coordinate w/ Local Governing
  • Bodies
  • Design Selection
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Document Review & Retention
  • Facilitate OAC Meetings
  • Meeting Representation
  • Milestone Updates
  • Payment Application Validation & Approval
  • Progress Capturing (aerials, photography & videos)
  • Progress Reporting
  • Project Oversight
  • QA/QC
  • Schedule Reviews (design & construction)
  • Strategic Solution Development
  • Value Engineering

5 Benefits of Hiring an Owner’s Rep

1. Project Oversight

An owner’s rep is hired to oversee the project, often from final design to hiring a contractor and through to C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy). An owner’s rep provides a peace of mind for those clients that are exhibiting signs of concern for the day to day operations and in certain circumstances, have a limited knowledge of design & construction. 

2. Subcontractor Coordination

In most cases, an owner’s rep might have a significant network of subcontractor resources that would benefit the project. Coordinating these resources with the contractor, reviewing the executed agreements and tracking the COI’s (Certificate of Insurance) & NTO’s (Notice to Owners) are just a few of the more common roles of the owner’s rep. 

3. Scheduling

Every owner has an expectation their project will adhere to the projected schedule and not be delayed. The owner’s rep will closely monitor the contractor’s schedule, analyzing potential weather delays and noting any scopes or material procurement that could be cause for delays. 

4. Budget Compliance

An owner’s rep will review Applications for Payment, Control Estimates and Change Orders on a monthly basis. For a project to stay on or under budget, the owner’s rep will analyze every line item on the monthly pay apps and track the costs against the control estimate. By working closely with the owner & design team, we can reduce the potential for change orders. However, there are instances where change orders are inevitable, and an owner’s rep will review prior to submitting to the owner for final approval. 

5. Effective Communication

Having an owner’s rep communicate effectively affords an owner the comfort level that their project is running smoothly. On a regular basis, the owner’s reps will provide written update reports, photographic & video documentation, and facilitate weekly or bi-weekly OAC (Owner, Architect & Contractor) meetings. 

Download the 5 Benefits of Hiring an Owner’s Rep